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  • Abolition of Man, The, & Great Divorce, The
    “Robert Whitfield's disciplined and well-modulated voice has an appealingly confident quality….It is a joy to hear writing so eloquent.”— AudioFile
  • All God’s Children and Blue Suede Shoes: Christians and Popular Culture
    Ken Myers argues that pop culture’s quest for diversion, novelty, and instant gratification prevents Americans from asking questions about our true origin and destiny and the meaning of life.
  • An Invitation to Prayer
    In this reflective audiobook, Pope John Paul II highlights the profound importance of the act of prayer as the cornerstone to faith.
  • Approval Addiction
    Joyce Meyer provides a path to release from the overwhelming need for acceptance.
  • Battlefield of the Mind
    Winning the Battle in Your Mind. The one-million-copy bestseller from Joyce Meyer.
  • Believing God
    Do you take God at His word, believing what He has told us, or do you just believe in His existence and the salvation He offers?
  • Beloved Disciple, The
    Learn to walk in the reality that you are Christ's beloved.
  • Beyond Tuesday Morning
    In this sequel to the bestselling One Tuesday Morning, to widow Jamie Bryan it is still September 12, 2001. What will move her from living in the pas
  • Boundaries
    This unabridged audio download edition of the bestselling book presents a biblical treatment of boundaries, identifies how boundaries are developed, a
  • Called to be God's Leader: Lessons from the Life of Joshua
    Bestselling author and trusted Bible teacher Henry Blackaby, along with his son Richard, demonstrates through the life of Joshua how God prepares those He chooses for spiritual leadership.
  • Case for Christ, The
    In this unabridged audio edition of his Gold Medallion Award-winning book, Lee Strobel uses the dramatic scenario of an investigative journalist pursu
  • Case for Christmas, The
    By focusing on the “hows” and whys” of Christmas, this warm yet journalistic book will help believers reaffirm their faith while guiding seekers as th
  • Case for the Real Jesus, The
    From college classrooms to bestselling books to the Internet, the historic picture of Jesus is under an intellectual onslaught.
  • Choosing Life
    'I hold fast to God's Word aily. My like depends on it, and yours does too'. - Dodie Osteen
  • Christmas Carol, A
    A holiday classic as you've never heard it before. Tiny Tim, Bob Cratchit and Ebenezer Scrooge come to marvelous life in Patrick Stewart's critically-acclaimed solo interpretation of A Christmas Carol
  • Cold Tangerines
    A collection of stories and ideas about the life of celebration that God gives us, this book offers a vision of life as a collection of bright and varied glimpses of hope, redemption and celebration.
  • Cracking DaVinci's Code
    The Da Vinci Code: Harmless fiction or a hidden agenda aimed at the foundations of Christianity?
  • Daily Readings from Become a Better You
    Pastor and New York Times bestselling author Joel Osteen offers 90 days of inspirational devotions to help you become the best that you can be in every area of your life.
  • Daily Readings from Your Best Life Now
    #1 New York Times bestselling author Joel Osteen offers 90 days of inspiration to help people reach their full potential.
  • David Livingstone
    Born in a slum in 1813 Scotland, David Livingstone spent his youth working in a cotton factory, until a pamphlet inspired him to become a missionary. His accomplishments there are legendary.
  • Die Onse Vader
    In die Onse Vader leer Jesus ons meer om te leef as om te bid en definieer Hy die prioriteite, beginsels en praktyk van die Nuwe Lewe in Hom.
  • Don't Throw Away Tomorrow
    To mark the golden anniversary of his ministry, one of America's most revered ministers has written a profound book offering the universal principles that have guided his life - and can inspire yours.
  • Early Church: The Book of Acts, The
    The complete book of Acts taken from Zondervan’s acclaimed, Audie Award®-winning NIV Audio Bible Dramatized New Testament...
  • End Times: The Book of Revelation, The
    The complete book of Revelation taken from Zondervan’s acclaimed, Audie Award®-winning NIV Audio Bible Dramatized New Testa...
  • Essential Word on the Street, The
    The stories, poetry, and music of the Bible come alive in this 60-minute performance based on the acclaimed book.
  • Even Now
    Sarah Bryant’s search for her birth mother begins a season of joy and heartache, and brings back together a man and a woman...
  • Every Child Needs a Praying Mom
    In the Silver Medallion award winning book, Every Child Needs a Praying Mom, Fern Nichols shares how she has taught women to pray in a way that change
  • Every Young Man's Battle - Strategies for Victory in the Real World of Sexual Temptation
    How can any young man remain pure in the real world of sexual temptation?
  • Everybody's Normal Till You Get to Know Them
    How imperfect people like you and I can pursue community with other imperfect people. Read by Jay Charles.
  • Evidence Not Seen: A Woman's Miraculous Faith, in the jungles of World War II
    This is the true story of a young American missionary woman's courage and triumph of faith in the jungles of New Guinea and her four years in a notorious Japanese prison camp.
  • Faith and Politics
    In Faith and Politics, Danforth provides a blueprint for moving forward that is based on years of hard-won political experience and a life of religious service by calling for Christians.
  • Faith of the American Soldier, The
    Since men and women in battle not only face the prospect of their own deaths but also must fashion a moral rationale for killing, the battlefield is often a place of religious transformations.
  • Finding God in Unexpected Places
    This collection eloquently and powerfully demonstrates God’s pervasive truth and grace in modern culture, inspiring listeners to examine their own lives with a renewed sense of God’s presence.
  • Finding Sanctuary
    'Generous with his insights, but never self-righteous, smug or preachy ... his guidance is spot on - Richard and Judy.
  • For the Children's Sake
    Everyone would like education to be a joyous adventure and celebration of life, as well as a solid preparation for living. For the Children's Sake can help parents and teachers awaken young minds a...
  • Forgiven
    Karen Kingsbury brings listeners the second book in her life-changing Firstborn series. Dayne Matthews must come to terms with the reality of his situation and find both forgiveness and family alon...
  • Fresh Faith
    This unabridged audio version restores your faith in the promises of God and revitalizes your relationship with him. Read by Dick Fredricks.
  • Fresh Power
    This sequel to Cymbala’s best-selling Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire and Fresh Faith, reveals what it means for individuals and for the church..
  • Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire
    Pastor Jim Cymbala shares the lessons he learned when the Spirit ignited his heart and began to move through his people...
  • Generous Orthodoxy, A (Abridged)
    By celebrating strengths of many traditions in the church (and beyond), this book will seek to communicate a “generous orthodoxy.”...
  • Ghosts
    The strangest things happen when friends are reunited after twenty years apart--a major new novel by the best-selling author of the...
  • God I Love, The
    The Silver Medallion award-winning memoir by Joni Eareckson Tada that captures her heart and thoughts by portraying her walk with...
  • God in the Dock: Essays on Theology and Ethics
    God in the Dock contains forty-eight essays and twelve letters written by Lewis between 1940 and 1963 on such topics as good and evil, miracles, vivisection, the role of women in church polity, and et
  • God Is Closer Than You Think
    Every moment of your life is like a page in a Where’s Waldo book. God is there, the Scriptures tell us—on every one of them. But the ease with which h
  • - A Deity For The New Millennium
    This book may allow some people to overcome their fear of a vengeful, cruel God that they have been taught to believe in childhood.
  • God’s Smuggler
    “Robert Whitfield does a splendid job reading this ‘adventure.’ His soft English accent brings out much of the author’s humility, and wonder, in this journey.”— AudioFile
  • God's Choice
    God's Choice is an invaluable book for anyone seeking to understand the Catholic future, and the larger human Church will help to shape.
  • God's Harvard: A Christian College on a Mission to Save America
    Rosin’s account follows America's most ambitious young evangelicals who, since 2000, have been making their way to Patrick Henry College, where they are groomed to become the Christian elite of tomorrow, waging battle on the frontlines of politics, entertainment, and science.
  • God's Outrageous Claims
    God’s Outrageous Claims is your guide to an exciting and challenging spiritual journey that can change you and your world profoundly.
  • God's Politics
    Since when did believing in God and having moral values make you pro-war, pro-rich, and solely pro-Republican? And since when did promoting and pursuing a progressive social agenda with a concern...
  • Going Public with Your Faith
    This book flies in the face of almost everything you’ve ever read or heard about evangelism. Going Public with Your Faith, winner of the 2004 Christia
  • Grace Awakening, The
    Believing in grace is one thing. Living it is another.
  • Grand Weaver, The
    With inspiring stories and thought-provoking questions, Ravi Zacharias traces the multiple threads of our lives.
  • Hearing God's Voice
    How can you clearly know what God is saying to you?
  • Heaven
    Listeners will discover fascinating facts that the Bible teaches about the place believers will spend eternity: its hope, its inhabitants, its happiness, its certain, its riches, and its rewards.
  • Hidden Wholeness, A: The Journey toward an Undivided Life
    A Hidden Wholeness is a thoughtful and heartfelt examination of sources and consequences of the alienation we feel when our inner and outer lives become divorced from each other.
  • Holiness
    Dr. Blackaby leads us on the path of revival and healing for our land.
  • How To Hear From God
    The question is,
  • Hurlbut's Story of the Bible
    Hurlbut's classic retelling of the Bible contains 168 stories from the Bible, each one complete in itself, while together combining to form one narrative.
  • If Mama Goes South, We're All Going with Her
    Handle the demands of motherhood without feeling depleted
  • In Every Pew Sits a Broken Heart
    Offers help and hope to those who wonder if they have out-sinned God’s grace or if their life circumstances have set them aside from being used by God
  • In Pursuit Of Peace
    In Pursuit of Peace: 21 Ways to Conquer Anxiety, Fear, and Discontentment.
  • In the Beginning: The Book of Genesis
    The complete book of Genesis taken from Zondervan’s acclaimed NIV Audio Bible, which includes the acclaimed, Audie Award...
  • Irresistible Revolution
    Using unconventional examples from his own life, Shane Claiborne stirs up questions about the church and the world, and challenges readers to truly live out their Christian faith.
  • Jakob: U Enigste Reg - Die Res Is Voorregte
    Die Eersgeboorte reg en Eersgeboorte seën mag vir u vreemd klink, maar is eintlik niks anders as ‘n identiteitskaart, ontwerp of bloudruk van u eie uniekheid nie.
  • Jesus
    Here, in vivid language and rich historical detail, is the most important story of the Christian faith—the life of Jesus
  • Jesus Dynasty, The
    Based on a careful analysis of the earliest Christian documents and recent archaeological discoveries. The Jesus Dynasty offers a bold new interpretation of the life of Jesus...
  • Jesus Ly Voor Sy Kruisiging - Hoe raak dit my?
    Liefde moet gevoed word. Aanbidding moet voortdurend gestimuleer word. Ontsag en respek moet voor grootsheid, onselfsugtigheid en 'n egte
  • Jesus Ly Voor Sy Verhoor - Hoe Raak Dit My?
    Die lyding van Jesus Christus is deur die grootste deel van die moderne kerk in die agtergrond geplaas. Om deel te kan hê aan Christus se posisie op sy troon, is dit nodig om...
  • Jesus, the One and Only
    Walk the dusty roads of Israel. See a man on a hillside teaching. At the dinner table with sinners. Encounter God's only begotten - His beloved One.
  • John Stott on the Bible and the Christian Life
    Six penetrating sessions by foremost Christian thinker John R. W. Stott address areas central to Christian faith and Christian living.
  • Just As I Am
    Billy Graham looks back at it all with down-to-earth warmth and candor -- remembering his dairy farm upbringing, his early preaching experiences.
  • Knit Together
    Debbie Macomber calls Knit Together the project of her heart. Discover God's pattern for your life.
  • Knock At Midnight, A
    With fiery words of wisdom and a passion for justice, Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., inspired people everywhere to perform extraordinary acts of courage.
  • Knowing God Intimately
    Being as close to Him as you want to be.
  • Leadership Secrets of Billy Graham, The
    A behind the scenes analysis of twenty key principles of leadership illustrated with stories and examples from the life of Billy Graham, whose fingerp
  • Life God Blesses, The
    God is searching for people to bless. Find out how to have a heart that God cannot resist and you will become a channel of his blessing for your famil
  • Life of Christ: The Gospel of Luke, The
    The complete Gospel of Luke taken from Zondervan’s acclaimed, Audie Award®-winning NIV Audio Bible Dramatized New Testament...
  • Life You've Always Wanted, The
    This unabridged audio download edition presents readers with what it means to live as Jesus would on a day-to-day basis—one filled with new meaning, h
  • Lion's Honey - The Myth of Samson
    Experience the tortured journey of Samson
  • Look Great, Feel Great
    A self-esteem drought is plaguing America today, and many people find in bondage to unhealthy living habits. This leads to the deterioration of one of our greatest resources; our bodies...
  • Making Great Decisions: For a Life without Limits
    This book is an essential keepsake, to carry with you in moments when inspiration and encouragement are needed.
  • Making Room for Life
    This thought-provoking book exposes the chaos and pressure of “normal” living and points toward a better life where community and church are authentic
  • Making Small Groups Work
    This book provides small-group leaders with everything they need to know to help their small group of any kind. It's an operating system for small gr
  • Matters of the Heart - Stop Trying to Fix the Old - Let God Give You Something New
    A heart that beats only for God!
  • Name, The
    Why does the name of Jesus stir both awe and animosity?
  • New Testament Greek Vocabulary
    This audio download with accompanying PDF enables a person who is taking biblical Greek to work on, by ear as well as through the eyes, all vocabulary
  • New Testament, The
    The New Testament tells the extraordinary and moving story of the life of Christ and the founding of his Church.
  • NIrV Little Kids Adventure Audio Bible New Testament
    An audio presentation of Matthew to Revelation, taken from the popular NIrV Little Kids' Adventure Bible
  • NIV Dramatized Audio Bible - Old Testament
    The NIV Dramatized Audio Bible - Old Testament is more than a Bible you listen to. It’s an experience that helps you enter into God’s Word . . . So God’s Word can ent
  • NIV Dramatized Audio Bible - New Testament
    The NIV Dramatized Audio Bible - New Testament is more than a Bible you listen to. It’s an experience that helps you enter into God’s Word . . . So God’s Word can ent
  • NIV Dramatized Complete Audio Bible
    The NIV Dramatized Audio Bible is more than a Bible you listen to. It’s an experience that helps you enter into God’s Word . . . So God’s Word can ent
  • Oceans Apart
    A riveting story of secret sin and the healing power of forgiveness, by Karen Kingsbury, Bestselling Author of One Tuesday Morning.
  • Old Testament Hebrew Vocabulary
    In this audio download, Jonathan T. Pennington reads all the Hebrew words that occur twenty times or more in the Old Testament...
  • Old Testament, The
    Here are the greatest and best-loved stories from the Old Testament of the Bible, stories which can be read as much for their human, literary and historical appeal as for their religious meaning.
  • On God: An Uncommon Conversation
    Mailer’s major works have engaged such themes as war, politics, culture, and sex. Now he gives us fresh ways to think about the largest subject of them all.
  • One Tuesday Morning
    A devoted fireman and a driven businessman, strangers with the same face. On that fateful Tuesday, one will leave the Twin Towers alive.
  • Ordinary Resurrections
    A brilliant, hopeful, and inspiring book about the children of the South Bronx.
  • Parish Priest
    Father Michael McGivney was a man to whom
  • Pathway to Purpose™ for Women
    What is the connection between today’s to-do list and God’s ultimate mission for our lives? This how-to guide, filled with true personal stories, pro
  • Paul: A Servant of Jesus Christ
    “…why some sheep hear the Shepherd’s voice and follow, while others persist is one of those secrets which are not revealed as yet to the children of men.”
  • Persecution
    In this New York Times bestseller, David Limbaugh exposes the liberal hypocrisy of promoting political correctness while discriminating against Christianity.
  • Politically Incorrect Guide™ to the Bible, The
    Much more than just the best-selling book of all time, the Bible, says this author, triggered a revolution in human thought and established moral and philosophical foundations.
  • Portrait of Jesus, A
    “Girzone draws on the wisdom of the centuries, writing with humanity and spirit.”— Kirkus Reviews
  • Power of Simple Prayer, The
    How to talk with God about everything. Joyce helps us understand what we need and should expect from prayer, and how to unleash its power.
  • Proposito De Celebrar La Navidad, El
    ¿Por qué tiene tanta importancia la Navidad?
  • Purpose of Christmas, The
    Why is Christmas such a big deal ? In his powerful yet compassionate voice, Rick Warren explains how God designed Christmas to meet your three deepest needs.
  • Purpose-Driven Church, The
    This condensed version covers the first half of the book, including a five-point strategy for attracting and spiritually maturing the unchurched, and
  • Purpose-Driven® Life - for Commuters, The
    Rick Warren helps readers to discover, develop, and fulfill God's purpose for their lives.
  • Purpose-Driven® Life, The
    Rick Warren helps readers to discover, develop, and fulfill God's purpose for their lives.
  • Ragamuffin Gospel, The: Good News for the Bedraggled, Beat-up, and Burnt Out
    Most Christians believe in God’s grace in theory, but in our daily lives we still tend to see Him as a small-minded bookkeeper, tallying our failures and successes.
  • Reaching for the Invisible God
    Philip Yancey asks the question ‘How does a relationship with God work?’ and answers it with an investigation that turns up surprising and satisfying
  • Readings in the Greek New Testament
    Using the Erasmian pronunciation for New Testament Greek vocabulary, award-winning linguist Jonathan Pennington reads several selected passages from t
  • Red Suit Diaries, The
    Ed Butchart shares his stories as a professional Santa Claus in The Red Suit Diaries. Woven throughout is a faith and a joy of giving that energizes Butchart's mission to spread love to all kinds.
  • Reframe Your Life
    Bestselling author, radio host, and a counselor Stephen Arterburn explains how the painful events of your past can greatly affect the shape your future takes and the way you view your life as a whole.
  • Remember
    Novelist Karen Kingsbury and relationship expert Gary Smalley have teamed up to bring you an inspiring series of stories based on relationship principles.
  • Return to Love, A
    A Return to Love, Marianne Williamson's mega-bestselling spiritual guide, is available for the first time as downloadable audio.
  • Rise, Let Us Be On Our Way
    Pope John Paul II's recollections of his life and thoughts on issues facing the world.
  • Rumors of Another World
    Philip Yancey believes we are missing the supernatural hidden in everyday life. In this 2004 Christianity Today Book Award of Merit winner he investig
  • Running with the Giants
    This audiobook turns to the wellspring of tradition, as he offers inspiration, learning, and the power of prayer from the lives of Old Testament heroes
  • Saint Patrick: Pioneer Missionary to Ireland
    Over sixteen hundred years ago, God inspired a man named Patrick to take the gospel of Christ to the people of Ireland.
  • Saw The Lord, I
    In this Scripture-inspired presentation, she guides you in seeing that vision so that you can have a genuine experience of personal, life changing revival...
  • Secret Things Of God, The
    A positive Christian alternative to the bestselling The Secret, Dr. Henry Cloud reveals the
  • Seven Things That Steal Your Joy
    Overcoming the obstacles to your happiness
  • Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda
    At the end of your life, will you look back over time and be content with how you spent your days or will you wrestle with regrets?
  • Spaghetti for the Soul
    A Feast of Faith, Hope, and Love. In Spaghetti for the Soul, Kathy Troccoli and Ellie Lofaro invite you to a fabulous feast for the spirit.
  • Su Mejor Vida Ahora
    New York Times bestselling author Joel Osteen offers 90 days of inspiration to help people reach their full potential.
  • Surprised by Joy: The Shape of My Early Life
    C. S. Lewis shares the story of his spiritual journey, from the conventional Christianity of his childhood, to a youthful atheism, and back to an assured Christianity compatible with his intellect.
  • The True Vine: Meditations for a Month on John 15:1–16
    “How many eyes have gazed on and admired a great vine with its beautiful fruit? Come and gaze on the heavenly Vine till your eye turns from all else to admire Him.”—from the book
  • These Will Not Be Left Behind
    True stories of Left Behind readers and how their lives were transformed.
  • TNIV Audio Bible - Old Testament
    A multi-voice audio recording of a fresh, new translation for today’s generation.
  • TNIV Audio Bible - New Testament
    A multi-voice audio recording of a fresh, new translation for today’s generation.
  • TNIV Complete Audio Bible
    A multi-voice audio recording of a fresh, new translation for today’s generation.
  • Treasury of Miracles for Teens, A - True Stories of God's Presence Today
    An encouraging collection of true stories to remind teens that God is genuinely involved in their lives.
  • Unto Us a Son is Given
    This is an extraordinary listening event that can be cherished year after year-and all year long. Make it a part of your family's tradition...
  • Velvet Elvis
    We know there’s something more. We sense it, we feel it, we know it. And we want it. We want an authentic spirituality.
  • Verlore Seun - Verlore Kerk
    Hoe kom ek in die hemel? Die probleem met die antwoorde is dat die meeste kerke vaag is of verskil van mekaar hieroor.
  • Walking From East to West
    With simplicity, candor, and humility, renowned Christian thinker Ravi Zacharias shares the intimate account of his journey beyond a turbulent childhood...
  • Walking the Bible (Abridged)
    One part adventure story, one part archaeological detective work, one part spiritual exploration, Walking The Bible vividly recounts an inspiring personal odyssey -- by foot, jeep, rowboat, and camel.
  • Were It Not for Grace: Stories from Women After God's Own Heart
    These stories of prominent women of faith will enrich every woman’s heart, encourage her soul, and expand her ministry.
  • What Every Woman Wants in a Man
    Renowned author and pastor John Hagee and his wife Diana share their insights on communicating as part of a couple.
  • What if America Were a Christian Nation Again?
    A blueprint to preserve and restore our country to its original intent.
  • What Paul Meant
    Throughout history, Christians have debated Paul’s influence in the church. In this masterly analysis, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Garry Wills chronicles Paul's tremendous influence.
  • Where God was Born
    At a time when America debates its values and the world braces for religious war, Bruce Feiler, author of the New York Times bestseller Abraham, travels ten thousand miles through the East to find out
  • Why? Trusting God When You Don’t Understand
    Called 'the best preacher in the family' by her father, Billy Graham, Anne Graham Lotz speaks around the globe with the wisdom and authority of years spent studying God's Word.
  • Witness
    The Gospel story as you’ve never heard it before. Through these five plays, the story is pieced together as if from the memories of those who were there and saw events for themselves.
  • Words of Inspiration
    Under the authority of the Vatican, this remarkable volume brings together Pope John Paul II's inspiring reflections and illuminating words of hope, peace, love, compassion, and spirituality.
  • You Matter More Than You Think
    In this heartfelt book, Leslie Parrott reveals a personal message that is sure to keep you from looking at the pieces of your life as mere fragments and start to appreciate yourself more...
  • Your Best Life Now
    7 Steps to Living at Your Full Potential


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