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Immanuel Kant
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Immanuel Kant

Written By : A. J. Mandt
Narrated By : Charlton Heston
Published By : Blackstone Audio Inc
Runtime : 2 hours 30 minutes
Categories : Philosophy
Download Price : $8.99
Immanuel Kant's "transcendental" philosophy transcends the question of "what" we know to ask "how" we know it. Before Kant, philosophers had debated for centuries whether knowledge is derived from experience or reason. Kant says that both views are partly right and partly wrong, that they share the same error; both believe that the mind and the world, reason and nature, are separated from one another. Kant says that our reason organizes our sense perception to produce knowledge. The mind is a creative force for understanding the manifold of new, unconceptualized sense impressions with which
the world bombards us.

The Giants of Philosophy series is a collection of dramatic presentations, in understandable language, of the concerns, questions, interests, and overall outlook of the world's great philosophers and philosophical traditions. Special emphasis on clear and relevant explanations give you a new arsenal of insights toward
living a better life.

Wichita State University

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Celestine Prophecy, The (Unabridged)

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Narrated By : Lou Diamond Phillips
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Schopenhuaer in 90 Minutes

Schopenhuaer in 90 Minutes

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Narrated By : Robert Whitfield
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Finding Support for Success

Finding Support for Success

Written By : Ratanjit S. Sondhe and Raymond C Somich, Sr.
Narrated By : Ratanjit S. Sondhe and Raymond C Somich, Sr.
Published By : Discoverhelp Inc
Runtime : 57 minutes
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Download Price : $16.95 $7.99
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Republic, The

Republic, The

Written By : Plato; Translated by B. Jowett, M.A.
Narrated By : Pat Bottino
Published By : Blackstone Audio Inc
Runtime : 12 hours 30 minutes
Categories : Philosophy
Download Price : $32.95 $22.99
In this monumental work of moral and political philosophy, Plato sought to answer some of the world's most formidable questions. More info...
j Krishnamurti in Conversation with Professor Allan Anderson Volume 14

j Krishnamurti in Conversation with Professor Allan Anderson Volume 14

Written By : j Krishnamurti
Narrated By : j Krishnamurti
Published By : M-Y Books
Runtime : 1 hour 5 minutes
Categories : Philosophy
Download Price : $12.49
In a time of unprecedented outer change in the political and social spheres, is there a fundamental inner challenge that faces each one of us? More info...
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